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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Yes to new hobbies!

I've always side-eyed my mum growing up, while she crocheted everything from table covers to throw rugs to tiny little butterfly whatever's (which I snaked, by the way, when we moved into our flat). Yes - I have no shame, haha. I always knew, though, that I'd never have the patience for it (then), nor the aptitude (I'm an extreme klutz and some of those stitches made my eyes cross)...

Two and a half decades on, and I've changed my mind.

Two reasons... One, she's using bright colored yarn now (and I'm a sucker for bright colors!) and two, maybe I'm just old - ever wonder how it is even possible that you can open your mouth and your mum starts talking? Yeah, it's that age, boo HAHA.

Life lesson to self: Don't hate it, unless you've tried it!

Crocheting is a whole new language to understand - trust me. I've looked at patterns that said: "ch 19, hdc, turn, dcbp" for example, and tried not to cry because I REALLY wanted to make whatever it was, but didn't understand what it meant!

But it got easier after a while - and with some practice - decipherable and translatable onto my own crochet hook and yarn. A few pieces I've made are earrings, mini clutches, baby headbands and coasters...

So aside from reading and writing and blogging - I've decided I love crocheting too. And I'm officially classifying it as a hobby.

I'm hardly a professional, but creativity makes my heart sing and crocheting is making me extremely happy, watching my creations come to life!

The crochet photos below are not anything I've made, but are examples of the skill I'd someday like to reach.

If you're also a crochet enthusiast, please join my Facebook group here or look for the logo below - or drop a comment below for groups I can join to learn more!

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