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Crochet care

In light of the many bikinis and crop tops I've decided to make lately, I thought I'd do a quick list of the ways you can take care of your crochet clothing pieces.

So, first off...

What NOT to do:

1. No procrastinating with your washing:

After an awesome day at the beach or by the pool, let's resist the temptation to strip off your crochet bikini and shove it into the laundry hamper for a wash at a later date.

I prefer giving mine a a quick wash in the shower with liquid soap (your shower gel is an easy fix) and hanging it outside to drip dry!

2. No direct sunlight:

When I say hang outside, I mean in the shade though - as some of the pretty colors on my bikinis and crop tops have faded (or bled into each other) when they've been hung out on our washing line. Hello, Sollies sun 🌞

3. No hard wringing/squeezing:

As the material is quite malleable, I tend not to over-squeeze my crochet bikini or crop top, as the item loses its shape over time (and after a few washes and hard wringing).

4. No washing machine or dryer use:

This is also a 'no machine wash' fabric by the way. Never put your crochet swimwear in the dryer or washing machine! Both make your item lose its shape and silhouette and become old looking – definitely not a good beach look!

Hand-washing is better off in the long run if you want to get the most out of your crochet item.

Crochet Care tips

Chlorine can have a damaging effect on your swimwear so rinsing and giving your swimsuit a hand-wash immediately after changing, is strongly advised.

Like i mentioned earlier, straight away is even better, as it gives the bacteria (ew!) less time to set in.

Wash routine:

1. Fill up your sink or a bucket with cold water

2. Add a small amount liquid hand soap or washing powder.

3. Soak your piece in the water for fifteen minutes

4. Rinse with cold water.

5. Hang out to drip dry in the shade.

Location, location, location!

Beach fronts and pool sides can be dangerous places. For your crochet item, that is...

Rubbing against rough and uneven surfaces will cause the cotton and poly-amide fibers to snap, and/or the material to wear out.

So always remember your trusty 'lava-lava' (also known as a sarong) or a beach towel, to protect your clothing from the surfaces you intend to sit down on, or lean against.

Rest is best

Crochet items usually take about a day to regain their original shape after being wet, so try not to wear the same piece on consecutive days.

Alternate between your crochet items, to allow them to breathe and return to their original shape or silhouette.

Grab a piece!

Side note to my Sols followers: if you don't have a crochet item yet or would like to order a piece, check out my Instagram feed. You can DM me on IG (handle @black.gurlmagick) for a limited edition one, specific to your liking. 🤍

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