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The 'financial feminist' label, deconstructed

On my IG profile I declare myself many things - a book lover, a [newbie] crocheter - but most importantly, for me - a financial feminist.

You've heard of the good old 'feminist' definition right? A person who believes in the equality of all genders. A financial feminist is obviously then, someone who believes in the financial equality of women.

I'm a major advocate of being smart with your money - especially as a youth - and most especially as a Pacific woman.

Why? Because Pacific women are not on a level playing field with our men when it comes to financial education or business savvy.

I spoke at length about this on another blog, about a pet peeve I have on the masculinisation of our money in Pacific societies. Have a read of it, if you haven't yet.

There, I lightly skirted the social/cultural norms and nuances of our Pacific cultures and expanded to a global scale of how our gender impacts our financial choices, and futures.

Unsure what this means when I say there is inequality when it comes to women and money?

Think the pink tax, the wage gap, the funding gap, the domestic work, the investing gap. Then there's the confidence gap between men and women.

If I counted just those impediments, that's already half a dozen ways society has intentionally or not, already set us up to fail.

Unsure what those impediments are, or how they affect our lives? Not sure what the Pink Tax is, for example. You could Google it, but I thought I'd give you an actual example of what its like.

This post by a page I follow, came up in my news feed yesterday.