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Renewing your car's license in Solomon Islands

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

We own a 2004 Pajero Exceed, which I'd totally recommend if you're looking for a decent SUV size family car.

And after going through a lotttt of work, we've finally got it in decent shape to be an extremely amazing whip. (Separate blog posts for our works on it, for later).

I thought I'd start this blog series on owning a car in Solomon Islands, with the basics.

Getting your car registered & licensed.

We found our Pajero through a car dealer in Honiara (basically the one at the bottom of the Panatina hill - turn off at ANZ Haus Ranadi). If you're looking for a decent car for your budget, please ask for Murad if you're there. He absolutely took care of us when we went to him!

Murad transferred the ownership for us when we bought the Pajero off him, so that wasn't a issue for us. The issue for me was renewing the annual vehicle license when E left, and realizing there was more than one step in the process. And more than one place to go. *Sigh*

I found this helpful sheet online as well, that walks you through the steps to register your vehicle.

1. Vehicle inspection

Time it will take: approx. 2.5hrs

Cost: $138

First you need to go MID (the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development) to pay your vehicle inspection fee.

It's the very funky building with the brickwork on the front, at the turn off to China Town from the City Council roundabout.

The MID cashier closes around 12pm for lunch and re-opens at 1.30pm, so be mindful of the opening hours if you're going on a weekday, as it might take a lot out of your work day if you're planning to do this over lunch.

Bring your car's registration paperwork and pay SBD $138 for the inspection fee, for which you'll get receipted.

Keep that receipt for when you get to the pool at the Public Works Department (PWD). It's in an area across the road from MID, past the World Vision office (old Sea King building), where you'll see