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Trends that Inspire Me: The High-Bun

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I cannot begin my fashion blog series, without starting with a nod to my signature look.

After a series of fashion disasters - cue:

The fringe in primary school (sigh).

The short hair during a mid-teen crisis in high school (never again).

The side shave at university (cringe!) .

Since coming home to Solomon Islands and 35 degrees of heat and humidity though, I've had to find a quick hairdo, that suits both the weather - and my job - but most importantly for me... my style.

Cue: The High bun

What is the high bun?

It is literally my favorite way to do my hair. Let me tell you why.

At university, living in Australia for almost six years and visiting home only occasionally, I usually liked to have my hair down.

Coming home, I had to find a way to keep my long hair, but have a low maintenance hair-do that needed minimal effort (whilst looking stylish and chic - always important) in this island humidity,

I opted for a high bun.

Okay, that's not me - lets be honest - but that's the accentuated LOOK (and I LOVE this picture).

What Do You Need to Achieve It?

This hairdo only needs the following items:

- A hair band

- 3 or 4 bobby pins

- Hairspray

- Scrunchie donut (optional - for shorter hair)

- Claw clip (also optional)

Also, I use gel (or wax) some days, because my baby hair is from Satan, and I’m still unsure of this ‘slick your baby hair down’ look. A downside to this is if you slick either product on too thick, it tends to coagulate and flake when the air con is on too high at work/in the car. (Humidity is also from Satan) Not cute.

So, its back to the basics of washing your hair every second day. But who has time to wash their hair that often? Especially when your hair may be long enough to make towel drying it a nightmare.

So a couple pro tips, bef